Yoko Ono / Thurston Moore / Kim Gordon present a 14-minute avant track called In The Morning.

It’s available on 10” vinyl and as a digital download. I didn’t know what to expect, but morbid curiosity made me order the download for $2.00, just to hear a collaboration between the now-divorced members of Sonic Youth.

As far as I can tell, they provided the drones and noise while Yoko chants above them, with some extra Kim breathiness. I’ve heard worse released by Sonic Youth, and it has a kind of Eastern vibe to it, if only from Yoko's chants. The backing music reminds me of earlier, independent Sonic Youth rather than the slicker, post-95 flavour.

Get it at the Chimera Music site, if you have a spare $2 and an adventurous ear.

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